Product updates
November 15 2022

Ad monetization: Analyzing ad revenue with AppMetrica

AppMetrica now lets you transfer ad revenue data and leverage it in other reports to get a full picture of how well you’re monetizing your app.

Why do you need ad revenue data in AppMetrica?

  • To find the product features actually driving ad monetization
  • To evaluate overall profitability, from in-app purchases to ad revenue
  • To pinpoint the ad blocks, formats, and screens delivering the best results
  • To evaluate user acquisition by identifying the partners making you the most money and analyzing their traffic
  • To find the most profitable user segments

New metrics for ad revenue

The updated revenue report now features:

  • Ad revenue events — the number of ad impressions that generated revenue
  • Ad revenue — total ad revenue
  • Ad ARPU — average ad revenue per user
  • eCPM — revenue per thousand impressions

Check documentation to read through the complete list of metrics or head right over to the interface.

Use multiple metrics to analyze in-app monetization, grouping data by ad network, placement, and ad type. You can also combine ad revenue data with revenue from in-app purchases to see the distribution between monetization categories and get a clear idea of overall ad monetization.

Analyzing new data

Parameter groups

We added ad revenue parameter groups to make analysis easier for you. They help compare revenue across multiple cross sections, telling you which are the most profitable.

To take one example, the ad network group shows you revenue across ad networks. Ad Placement name looks at revenue by placement, while combining Ad Type and Ad Placement name shows you the revenue generated by different ad types in each placement.

You can also evaluate campaign monetization with ad revenue segmentation and customize reports using preset payload parameters.

Using ad revenue data in other AppMetrica reports

When you feed ad revenue data into other AppMetrica reports, you unlock even more insights into how you’re monetizing ads.


Calculate user LTV across segments with ad revenue or other monetization streams.


Identify the steps where you’re seeing funnel drop-off, also pinpointing the mechanics pushing users to watch rewarded videos. If you improve those steps and mechanics, you can get more views and boost revenue.

User acquisition

Evaluate ad revenue per acquired user by selecting the traffic source group and Ad ARPU metric.

Getting started

Get to work analyzing ad revenue by updating your SDK to the latest version or going with the native SDK and plugins for Flutter and Unity. You’ll also need to transfer revenue data from your monetizer to AppMetrica.

To read more about the data transfer procedure, read this.

Update your SDK to the latest version and enjoy a whole new analytical take on ad monetization.